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The Elegant Princess Peach - Costume Journal and Tips

Cosplay Journal #1 - 2011 Rewrite by TR Rose

This guide was long overdue for a rewrite! Princess Peach was the first "big" costume I ever made, and I've learned so much since then. This guide is going to condense the old costume journal and list out the components like I did with my Link tutorial. I hope this makes it easier to read and learn from!

Princess Peach

Costume Parts:
- Pink dress
- Hoopskirt
- Wig
- Crown
- White Gloves
- Necklace
- Shoes
- Veggie
- Parasol

Pink Dress

This is the most iconic part of Peach's costume, and I assembled the dress from 3 patterns - a large, full skirt (McCalls 4090), a fitted bodice, and puffed sleeves (McCalls 4777). Sadly the original pattern for the sleeves is no longer in print, but there are other puffed sleeve patterns available. You usually can find them in the costume section of the pattern book. I originally left the skirt and top as two separate pieces, but I learned that sewing them into a single dress was easier to wear and looked better.

This is half of the skirt - it takes up the entire width of my bed.

The skirt with the belt sewn on (still needs the edges finished).

Skirt with the hoop underneath

The bodice with the collar attached.
The collar is made from two long scalloped pieces sewn together, flipped right side out, and sewn down.


The hoopskirt was ordered from Ebay seller AngelsBridal (cost about $20). The particular hoop I used was the 3-hoop full crinoline/petticoat skirt, with adjustable waist and hoops. This is a great Ebay seller, who I've used for other purchases as well (including a larger hoop for my Belle gown, several colors of long gloves, and a petticoat for Zelda). My friends have ordered hoopskirts from this seller as well.


This is the part of the costume I've improved the most since the original version of the costume. The current wig was puchased from Ebay seller CosplayAnimeWigs (formerly Zhenna0036). The wig was described as golden blonde wavy long wig, but I'm not sure if they still carry that particular style. I cut the bangs and made the little flipped-out sections at the top using sponge rollers and a hair dryer. It was my first wig styling, so the bangs are a bit too short, but it works for the costume.


I used metal "French Bucket" vase from Michael's floral department. I used Dremel to cut crown shape out of metal, and a hot glue gun to attach acrylic jewels. I then used the Dremel to punch tiny holes in the bottom, and attached hair combs to base with gold floral wire. To wear the crown, I use blonde hair clips to attach the combs to the wig.

It seems that these vases have become impossible to find lately - you can check thrift stores for them, but I haven't seen these at craft stores since I purchased mine. If you can find a galvanized bucket of the same size, that will also work, but you'll need to spray paint it gold.

Canister with bottom removed

The crown with the points cut out and sanded down, with combs attached.

The finished crown, with the jewels hot-glued on

White Gloves

These can be found at any costume shop. You can use Halloween story quality gloves, or spring for nice bridal-style gloves from a place like AngelsBridal.


For my original necklace, I ordered jewel from WholesalersUSA, Inc. (the Jumbo size Caribbean Blue Non-iridized gems). I used gold Fimo clay to make setting, and placed two small jump rings into top of clay before baking. I then turned into necklace using Magic Stretch invisible beading cord. I later superglued a piece of foil behind the jewel to make it appear shinier.

The original necklace lasted for a while, but the Sculpey cracked and the whole thing fell apart eventually. I have since found a much better method for Peach's necklace that I've been recommending to cosplayers.

Michaels craft store (as well as other craft stores, I'm sure) has started carrying clear plastic ornaments/baubles in several different sizes. The ornaments come in two pieces with a hanger tab on top. These can be found on a bottom shelf near the paints. Some are just clear, while others have an iridescent shine to them. I purchased a bottle of iridescent aqua glass paint and painted the inside (concave) of one half of the bauble until it shone through opaque on the other side. To make the golden ring, I masked off a ring with masking tape and spray painted the edge gold. As with the original necklace, I used invisible stretchy cord to put the necklace on. But this time, I had a built-in hanger for the string.

Note that this kind of brooch will also work for a Princess Daisy costume - just cut out white petals from Fun Foam sheets and hot glue to the back of the brooch.


I ordered pink ballet slippers online. They're appropriate for the character, and extremely comfortable even after all-day wear. Highly recommended (and they have held up through many years of conventions!)


I made a basic pattern out of newspaper. The Veggie base is made of bunchy white fur, and the leaves made from green felt. The eyes are made from large black buttons, and the face details added with black fabric paint.

Pieces of veggie cut out

Sewing the leaves to the inside of the fuzzy part so they'll "pop out" when I flip the Veggie right-side out

Stuffed Veggie, no face yet

Veggie with his face. Isn't he cute?


I ordered a yellow parasole from a party supplies website in yellow. It arrived with white lace around the edges, but I wanted it to look like Perry from Super Princess Peach. I carefully seam-ripped the original stitches to take the lace off altogether. I made a new ruffle using a sheer aqua fabric remnant. I folded a long strip in half and sewed a basting stitch to make a long tube. Then I gathered the tube and hand-stitched this to the parasol edge.I also used brown spraypaint to color the handle brown.

The face was drawn on with black fabric paint and pink glitter glue.

Check out the final costume: Peach Photo Gallery


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