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Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros. by TR Rose
Princess Peach

Created October 2005
Debuted at EPAC 2006
Costume Retired

Pattern bases:

  • McCall's Costumes 4090 (Make your own Renaissance skirt)
  • McCall's M4777 (Bridal Elegance)

  • Cosplay Tutorial/Guide available

Wig base: Long wavy blonde from zhenna0036


  • Judge's Award - EPAC 2006
  • DS Lite - Nintendo Booth at Comic-Con 2006
  • Awarded "Most Elegant" by Nintendo Power magazine
  • Also appears in Nintendo Power Magazine (issue 208) and the Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Volume 2 DVD set

Convention History:

  • EPAC 2006
  • San Diego Comic-Con 2006
  • A-Kon 2007
  • EPAC 2007
  • AFest 2007

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Costume Details:

I loved making this costume! This was my first cosplay dream realized. After my first A-kon, where I learned that video game cosplay was just as acceptable as anime cosplay, I knew I wanted to be Peach, my favorite childhood character. It was my first fully-sewn costume ever, so there are definitely some mistakes and learning experiences. For example, I feared zippers, so I fastened the back with Velcro. Except that the back was crooked, so the Velcro is kind of diagonal up the back. Whoops.

I love all the props I can carry around with this costume - Perry from Super Princess Peach, a frying pan, my handmade plush SMB2 vegetable... A lot of people do Mario/Luigi costumes, but there aren't that many people cosplaying Peach (as compared to tons to people who cosplay Zelda). I learned a whole lot making this costume, and was able to make a new, better Peach (the Smash Bros. Brawl version) as a result.

There were definitely some issues with the original version of the costume. The main one being the wig. I didn't know beans about cosplay wigs, so I bought a Halloween store wig and took it to JC Penney's to get it styled. Little did I realize that Halloween wigs can't be styled. The kind folks there offered to sell me (very cheaply!) a professional wig that a customer ordered but never picked up, and they'd style it for me. What I didn't realize is that it was a 3/4 wig... and it just didn't look right with dark hair underneath. So that original crummy Halloween wig went under the curled 3/4 wig and it sort of worked. But it was unbearably hot, and once the curls fell out and went limp and ugly after Comic-Con, I needed something new. I found a lovely wavy blonde wig on Ebay that was a more accurate (and flattering) color for Peach, and cut the little front sections and bangs, and curled them. Not a perfect job, but it works better than the original!

Additionally, the necklace was remade, and the dress was combined into one piece (it had been a top and a skirt). The overall costume is better looking and more accurate after the revisions. Although this particular dress is retired, I still wear the SSBB version quite often.


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