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Belle (Blue Village Dress) from Disney's Beauty and the Beast by TR Rose

Created October 2006
Debuted at A-Kon 2007

Pattern bases:

  • McCall's 4258 (2-Hour Bias Skirts)
  • McCall's M4863 (Misses' Colonial Costume

Convention History:

  • A-Kon 2007
  • EPAC 2007
  • All-Con 2011

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Costume Details:

Belle's blue village dress. Made from combining a bunch of patterns I already had and modifying them like crazy - take the bodice from one, add straps, make the skirt with an extra panel, use the skirt pattern for the apron, etc. This was one of my first sewing projects, so I know that I could go back and remake it better, but the costume still works. The shirt has some flaws (especially the collar, which I made without having any idea what I was doing), but it's still idenitiable as the character. I've been very glad that I had this lying around for a few events when my friends wanted to do a Disney costume group, and I didn't want to get out the big poofy dresses. This was really fun to ice skate in!

I wanted a costume that actually looked like me. No need for wigs or makeup or excessive props, just something comfortable. It's a little disappointing that a lot of people don't recognize this dress (since Disney seems to only market the giant poof ballgowns for the princesses). It's a shame that the everyday outfit that Belle spends 90% of the movie in isn't as recognizable as the giant dress that gets maybe 3 minutes of screentime.

I probably won't ever remake this particular dress, although I may make the Broadway equivalent since it's more detailed.

You may notice the Divine Rose Keyblade I have in a few pictures. Sadly it didn't hold up very well (the latex paint went all sticky and I had to throw it out, plus the rose keychain chipped terribly after only one use). I did really like the stained-glass sections though! Those were made from two layers of thick fun foam, cut out with an X-acto knife, with pieces of colored cellophane inside. I wish the main part of the blade had held up better!


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