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All the costumes shown below were made by Lee and Mandy Nader (AKA Concolor and TR Rose). Each costume page contains details about how we made the costumes, what patterns were used, what wigs we used, etc. Some costumes have Guides and Tutorials available. If you have any specific questions about the costumes on this site, feel free to post on our Facebook page so we can get back to you. You're also welcome to post Fan Photos on there if you used one of this site's tutorials to make your own costume (for example, Link, Princess Peach, Katamari, State Alchemist, etc.)

Please use the buttons at the top of this page to navigate between the sections to find the information you're looking for. Recent updates (new costumes and new photos) will be posted below. Thank you for stopping by!

Coming Soon (June 2014):
Fighter White Mage

Costumes recently finished (June 2014):
Baby Link Fleet 31 uniform Red Renaissance dress

Costumes in-progress:
Dalek Sec

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2014 Events:

  • All-Con 2014
  • A-Kon 2014
  • AFest 2014

Our Costumes on Other Sites:

Site Building / Progress

We are almost all moved over! At this point it's easier to list out what's missing than what's been updated!

  • Costumes:
    • 9th Doctor - Kuragiman shoot
    • Princess Cadance - All-Con 2013 photos
  • Skits:
    • Pokemon Sulfur
  • Tutorials:
    • Fullmetal Alchemist uniform
    • Foam crossbow
    • Disneyland 2005 parade references
  • Convention Photos
    • 2010

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